I got a really interesting email last week about a new type of way busy brides and grooms can get access to their friends and families digital pictures from their big day and thought this was so ingenious that Inspired Goodness readers would want to know all about it.

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Canditto is basically a kiosk that is set up at your reception venue that allows guest to insert their download their digital photos onto a computer and at the end of the night, a CD is made with all the images for the happy couple. They can even work with you to create keepsake USB drives for your guests to take home the next morning - full of the nights best shots or a slideshow. Sounds brilliant, no?

Well, it kinda is.

I love that as a Canditto user, you get a chance to revisit your event the very next day and see what your guests got to witness as well. For now, Canditto is only available in the New England area, but the package includes a representative from Canditto to man the kiosk, making sure everything runs smoothly. They can even design a custom welcome screen for the kiosk to ensure you're event design is kept seamless throughout the night. All that you have to do is encourage people to submit their pix - leave the rest up to the experts at Canditto. Oh, and yes, I checked, they only upload photos from the past 8 hrs. off users cameras, so no worryng about getting the "wrong" pix.

For more information, check out Canditto today!

Posted on June 6, 2008 .