Welcome Home


Before I get back to daily life, I wanted to leave you with a quick reflection on our trip to Paris and Provence since we've just returned home. 

Paris is simply marvelous and to be there is to know what sheer beauty, grace and history is all about. All the people we met were lovely and eager to meet us, the women dressed wonderfully - so chic and covered in linen it all its glory.

And the food. Oh, for hours on end, I could talk of the jambon we ate, the frommage, the bread, coffee, kir royals, the sweets, sausages, meat, frites and wonderful strawberries. We had a picnic, we dined, we ate on the run...we cozied up to one another in the tiniest  of cafes with people all around us - left and right. The lack of urgency, the zest of the smiles, the way people only speak when they want to be heard - the soft whispers of a dinner conversation between people at the next table, the sun, the art, the sienne.

It was so wonderful and I cannot wait to return again someday.

Posted on May 21, 2008 .