Late Night Snack, Rubens's Empanadas

This next post is dedicated to my dear husband who is as I type, is looking at our wedding photos that have just been placed on his amazingly cool Apple TV.

We were in the city yesterday and had a simple but delicious lunch at Ruben's Empanada's and I thought their cocktail size treats would make a ate night snack for any NYC shindig.

They make mini versions of all their flavors - available with only 2 days notice and priced at $9/dozen.

Flavors include: beef, chili, spicy chicken**, ham & cheese, tuna, turkey, Argentine sausage, shrimp and for the health conscience; broccoli, corn, mushroom, potato, spinach, spicy tofu.

From NY1, this review sums it all up:

The empanadas are made fresh daily at Ruben's Long Island City Bakery.
Some 20 varieties are on the menu, catering to nearly every palate and
meeting the needs of breakfast, lunch and dinner goers. Fillings
include scrambled eggs with onions, peppers and cheese; spicy ground
beef sautéed with onions and raisins; finely chopped broccoli with
mozzarella and ricotta cheese; and tofu blended with tomato, onion,
cilantro and chili.

Ruben's best seller is shredded chicken seasoned with tomato,
onions and cilantro. While most of the fillings are sealed in white
flour dough, some of the offerings are available in whole wheat.

For more variety, Ruben’s offers an empanada of the month. The October specialty is chunks of codfish in a light Creole sauce.

Ruben's serves three sauces to top off the empanadas, including
chimi churi which is a mix of parsley, garlic, oil and vinegar. And if
you have a hankering for something sweet, you might want to try a
dessert empanada. These pastries are filled with cherry, apple or guava
fruit preserves.

Ruben’s Empanadas
505 Broome Street

Posted on April 27, 2008 .