What is Inspired Goodness?

Well, let me just tell you. Its about living an inspired life, one with fresh ideas and innovative surroundings. This is my personal attempt to share with you my own ideas along with some wonderfully creative tidbits I’ve learned elsewhere. Its a little catchall of creativity and goodness.

About Me:

I spend most of my free time reading countless blogs and scouring magazines. I have been known to spend hours on end searching for the perfect throw pillow, strolling ebay for perfect-condition vintage champagne coupe glasses, and treating myself to the most adorable sweaters at Anthropologie. I adore to shop and would do it all day, everyday (if my salary permitted). I’m recently married (hooray!) to the man of my dreams who supports my ideas and endeavors 100%. I love to share ideas and hope you will find my suggestions interesting and fun, and most of all, useful.

My Goal:

My hope is to reach all the other people out there in search of creative touches - things that will make your next party the talk of your social set, your home magazine-worthy, and share how personal touches can leave all the other girls wonder “How does she do it?”

Welcome to Inspired Goodness. I hope you’ll stay for a bit and enjoy, this is sure to be the ride of your life!

Posted on April 26, 2008 .