The Perfect Pair

It feels just about right to start at the beginning and introduce ourselves, but having read blogs for a few years now, it looks like many of you just want some awesome eye candy to feast on.

So here goes....My mother-in-law recently got married to a gem of a guy and had a little last minute project request. It was a small affair, but nonetheless, they were so happy and excited to share their big day with friends and family and I received an email just a few days before the wedding that read:

subject: wouldn't it be cute...?

uh-oh, I have bridezilla madness! I saw this cute favor 3 weeks ago, and its been marinating in my brain! I'm sure you've seen it, "the perfect pair/pear" favors, candles, soaps, etc.!
if I get a bushel of fresh pears, can you type up "Fran and George - the perfect pair" repeated 44 times (!) so I can cut them in strips and use a pearl tip straight pin to stick each saying in a pear ? oh my god, I sound so silly! but I loved the pear candle favors I saw online...

my response: totally. count on me for it.

I ended up cutting two leaf shapes from my color printer with "Fran & George, the perfect pair". The second leaf had their wedding date on it, both were mounted to green color paper and cut into a large and small size. We found pearl head pins at Jo-Ann Fabrics and the pears at the local supermarket.

I loved that it was a last minute project - some of the best ideas are those last few detail items that hit us
just hours before the event, and truly make the day unique.
















Images by Alison Conklin Photography

Posted on April 26, 2008 .