Post-Wedding Press Disorder (PWPD)

Now I know any recently married girl, like myself, after nearly a year of spending countless hours organizing and planning their big day starts coming down with I've given the term:

"Post Wedding Press Disorder, or PWPD"

I know, my wedding day ended months ago. But who's to say I have to face the reality and finally let it all be over? Sorry, nope. Not me. So in attempt to make the day live on forever, I've been hell bent on now reaching the 6,658,436,871 (and counting) other people out there in the world - and finally getting a chance to share the good stuff all over again.

To date, I've tried to secure press placements in New York Magazine, Modern Bride and the New York Daily News, and so far, we have a piece in progress, running in the April 13th Daily News section, Down the Aisle ands if all proceeds as planned, New York Magazine's Wedding Issue may have a tidbit on some of our unique big-day touches.

Below is a lil' handy-dandy guide to some great links to submit your own pix to: (Includes Modern Bride, Brides and Elegant Bride)

The Knot
Asks for 20 photos telling the story of your wedding day by mail or email (click) for detailed instructions. The Knot is even having a contest for recent married couples: The Knot Real Wedding Awards. Yep, we blogged about this last week!

Martha Stewart Weddings / Darcy Miller's Wedding Blog
Unfortunatly, I don't think the ladies at MSL accept editorial submissions for their Weddings publication, but I'm pretty certain if you submit your images to the Darcy Miller Wedding Blog, you're sure to capture the attention of the most-coveted editorial director in the industry.

Inside Weddings
Brides must fill out this form. Photos can be submitted via email or on disc.

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style
Mostly photographers are the one's submitting their work to Wedding Style, but they have a easy-to-follow direction guide on how to submit your materials.

Posted on April 26, 2008 .