Let's Decorate: Pillows

We recently bought a new couch and chair to match, courtesey of Room & Board who was the only retailer that could offer a:

  1. speedy delivery and
  2. provide the exact fabric/color we were aiming for. (It seems as if a major upholstry supplier recently underwent some major storm, wiping out about 60% of Crate + Barrel's, Pottery Barn, etc's fabric supply.

We were forced to run from Crate + Barrel (our first choice was the Petrie in a smoky charcoal) with our $$ in hand, and were overjoyed to find R&B had a great alternative, the Lenox. The price was a huge selling point (we had some cash left over and treated ourselves to a matching chair and coffee table.) Long story short, I'm on the hunt for the perfect throw pillows. I have my heart set on some needlepoint. 

All shown from: Village House except Brooklyn pillow, from Cat Studio.



Posted on April 26, 2008 .