Let's Decorate: Dining Room

I've been thinking about redecorating my living room for awhile now. (We decided to originally paint it with black chalkboard paint) and after two years of liquor-infused parties, the scribbles no longer appeal to us.

That said, I'm gathering some inspiration for the colors and textures in this mood board:


The general idea is to reuse some of the items we have lying around the house -- mainly six large apothecary jars we ordered from Z Gallerie to hold the candy for our wedding favors. I tried a few months back to plant some terrariums (mostly aloe and cacti) and they promptly died after over watering. This time around, I'm entertaining the thought of silk plants so I won't feel responsible when they get all angry and drown on me.

Another main part of the room will feature an amazing peacock painting that we picked up at a local flea market. A total bargain at $45, my husband and I worked our magic and bargained the guy down from $60. The vendor had a ton of paintings - most of them I'd describe as velvet and U-G-L-Y and this was by far, the most striking. We ended up trying to bargain back and forth from $30 on up and the vendor kept describing it as "a medium-quality painting, not quite high-quality". Whatever does that mean, I have no idea.

I love the idea of the wall of frames - maybe we could work on gathering a collection of prints and covering one of the walls like that - with the peacock as the centerpiece, of course.

Photo credits: Table from Viva TerraSconce from Pottery Barn • Wall of Frames (Domino magazine, Apr 08) • Feather Wallpaper

Posted on April 26, 2008 .