Books to keep you sane while planning your wedding

Finally as a newlywed, I have some gals that I owe an extra special thank you to whom I own my sanity and grace during my year of wedding planning. Two books below kept me sane and sincere during the most
stressful time in my life and the authors deserve all the credit.

Tied in Knots: Funny Stories from the Wedding Day
(edited by Lisa Taggart and Samatha Schoech)

A chock-full book of 2o warm stories of brides, wedding day follies and disasters that made me cry and laugh at loud. I reread this book twice - knowing that I have followed women in similar predicaments and successfully managed not to scare off my groom and feel composed of the utmost grace for my own wedding day, I have these 20 ladies to share the spotlight among.

A More Perfect Union: How I Survived the Happiest Day of My Life
(by Hana Schank)

Totally my alter-ego on more than one occasion, I reveled in the witty humor and raw attitude Hana had towards the entire wedding industry. I have to admit that during the planning stages, I learned so many things - how to successfully negotiate (

ugh, those vendors drove me mad), speak my mind (without loosing it) and keep true to the big idea of marriage and what a wedding is really all about.

This book really hammered it all home and by the end, I realized that no matter what could, would or would not happen quite the way my fiance and I had planed, we had a superb attitiude through the entire process. We were honored to share a once in a lifetime memory with all our family and friends gathered by our side -- we literally had the most fun day of our lives -- we didn't loose sight that the wedding was representative of who we are (our creativity, spirit and fun) and we didn't let the industry turn our day into a mangled-mess of tuele and rhinestones.

Thanks ladies. I owe you one.

Posted on April 26, 2008 and filed under Books + Magazines.