I Love Him Because...

My husband is out of town for two weeks, traveling through Europe and Asia for work and I really, really miss him. Truth be told, we haven't been apart for this long since we met back in 2000 and I'm a little at a loss of what to do with myself.

I have my projects to keep me busy, my parents were in town over the weekend and I got to have an old fashioned sleepover with them and my niece. I started my holiday shopping and began decorating the apartment for the holidays, but without my partner in crime, it all feels a little uneventful.

Every morning, I've woken up to an empty bed, nobody else is in the shower - taking eon's of time and hopefully not all of the hot water. I'm responsible to take out the trash, move the car and do all the laundry. Its quiet at night - nobody's rustling the sheets next to me, or giving me that last kiss before I go to bed and I have to set my phone's alarm twice because I have no clue to use our actual alarm clock.

Its really the simple stuff that means so much - and when I was wrecking havoc last weekend throughout the rest of the apartment, trying to make sense of all the things we own and find a place for everything, my wonderful husband was making the kitchen look oh so perfect!  


So you get the basic gist here - I'm missing my dear husband but one
thing that put the biggest smile on my face while I was cooking myself
dinner last night, was to open some of our kitchen cabinets and to see
the lovely job he did organizing all of our stuff - something that made
me so very thankful for the partner I have in life.

Posted on December 9, 2008 .