Merry Christmas!!

Just like the littlest of kids all around the world, I'm waking up this morning to much anticipated event of the past few weeks...

  Christmas   Morning!  

This is the first year that we'll have the entire clan there opening presents, having a ton of fun and incredible amounts of laughter. There's sure to be photos galore - in fact, I've been known to take photos of every gift being opened!!

Hope everyone of our readers enjoys their Christmas day and time with their family. After all, when the last gift is open and the kids are happily playing, we're all there just being together with our families creating wonderful memories.


My husband and I are celebrating at my in-law's in Philadelphia. And
since I have to provide you with some images, here's a little look into
our Christmas Tree at home - with all the gifts under it, plus some of
our favorite ornaments.

Posted on December 25, 2008 .