Holiday Decorating 101

So I've been really anxious all week to get my place decorated for the holidays, but alas, I've learned that decorating with tinsel and garland all by yourself is not only hazardous to your health, its just a really bad idea.

I've spent hours thus far trying to string up the same three garlands. Up I climb on a chair hang the first hook, get off the chair, hang the second, same with the third and fourth. But then everytime I get to the fifth and final hook, the garland seems to just decide to play a nasty little trick on my and fall down. Not just falling off of one hook, the ENTIRE GARLAND FALLS and don't even get me started on the fact that every chair is now dented due to me standing on them - it was only a matter of time before I fell off of one...

So I'm left with garland haphazardly hung on hooks until my husband returns from his trip overseas.

In the meantime, I did get to decorate our dining room a little bit and made our ceiling fan into a super-festive chandelier:


plus I strung a ton of scrapbooking paper in various aqua, red and white patterns into this beautiful looped garland. Pretty no?

Next on my list is to get some more ornaments hanging around the looped garland. I've got a lot left to do but will try to post some photos when completed.

For those of you looking for holiday decorating ideas, another simple way to festive-up your own piece of the world is with a pretty wreath. This year since I'm all about the sparkly xmas garland, I'm making a fun welcome wreath for our front door, but if crazy glittery garland just isn't you're thing, here's a few more fun ideas:


{ via Vintage Indy. Designed by Haru }


how about hot pink mini ornament goodness { available here }


this yarn + ball version is so cute - I'm sure you could easily diy with some styrofoam balls, yarn, ornaments and some time...


maybe you're in the mood for a little emerald city inspiration?


or are just a simple girl with a really big sweet tooth? { check out the simple tutorial!}

Whatever your holiday decorating plans are, be creative and have fun - and most importantly, enlist a partner to help so you don't drive yourself crazy!!

Posted on December 15, 2008 .