I have a confession that I'm hoping might be something that you secretly have a problem with also. See, the thing is, I've an obsession with anything done by the folks at MSLO, or to you laymen, Martha Stewart!

I'm totally crazy whenever I see anything with those two little words "MARTHA  STEWART" on them. Its like I become completely magnetized and MUST HAVE all of it.


Case in point, I was on my way home last weekend from Long Island and just decided to stop into Wal-Mart since I've heard they are selling her wonderful craft line.  

Of course, my fix was not quite met and on the way toward the expressway, I caught a glimpse of a Michael's. Sadly, again, I stopped. I did show a bit of self-control, decided to step away from the super beautiful colored glitter (why do you people want to tempt me so much) see all these pretty colors:


and I picked up a few more things, including this cool umbrella punch. I've a upcoming tutorial planned with this puppy in mind.


All in all, I got a total of five items. Please tell me this is not just in my head - anyone else with the same obsession?

Posted on December 12, 2008 .