Holiday Gift Ideas: Part 2

We hoped everyone enjoyed yesterday's post on the start of our holiday shopping suggestions. Without further or do, here's the second installment of our picks:


  • For your crafty friend: A box of goodies to create with (or) a cool apron to keep supplies at arms reach.

  • For your best friend: A unique gift for the gal who's always on your side.

  • For your sister: She'll adore this bracelet as much as she does you!

  • For your mom: Wall Street Decoupage Glass Tray

  • For new homeowners: They might not have the $$ left in the budget for a real chandelier, but this awesome wall decal is sure to add a bright spot over any couch.

  • For families: A personalized family tree print that's perfect for parents, grandparents or older siblings!

  • For the collector: Something she'd make for herself if only there were more hours in the day.

  • For man's best friend: Your pug-loving friends will go ga ga over this cute pup.

  • And last but not least - here's something just for you, a perfectly fun quirky display for your favorite baubles and gems!

Posted on November 5, 2008 .