The Weddingbee Potluck

Here's some photos from the really fun Weddingbee potluck/meetup I got a chance to "crash" on Saturday night. It was a ton of fun to meet some of the ladies who've been so inspiring to me over the past few years while I was planning my own wedding or just checking in to see what they've been up to since getting hitched.

A great recap was posted by Mrs. Bee today - make sure to give a peek to check out all the yummy goodies these domestic divas put together! Thanks to my awesome SIL (Miss Cupcake), Mrs. Bee for letting a non-bee crash the hive and to The Peonies who graciously hosted us.


{ photos by Mrs. Bee }

Bees in attendance included: Mrs. Lovebird, Mrs. Snow Pea, Mrs. Dahlia, Mrs. Emerald, Mrs. Bee, Mrs.
Bell Pepper, Mrs. Onion, Mrs. Cupcake, Mrs. Peony and Mrs. Caramel - plus Mrs. Ladybug and her adorable little ladybug.

Posted on November 17, 2008 .