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I'm really excited for tomorrow to come for two reasons. One, I'm meeting up with Amy of ABCD Designs Bespoke and two, we finally get to meet with our wedding photographer, Brian Dorsey, to view the layout for our wedding album.

Here's a little sneak peak at goodies I have in store for my visit with Amy - Brooklyn Blackout Cupcakes from my favorite local bakery, Ladybird. Just down the street from my apartment, this shop sells amazing muffins and all sorts of yummy baked goods, not to mention a wonderful cup of coffee. I'm sure us girls are going to have quite the chocolate coma after a bite into these morsels!

Picture 1

photo via Flickr

Even though its been nearly a year and a half since we've been married, getting the chance to relive the wedding day is always a fun
time for me! Getting a chance to reconnect with our photographer and see his perspective on how the wedding should be captured is really an exciting opportunity. A lot of the reason for the delay in this meeting is
really our fault - we just decided to sit down and select our top pix
from nearly 700 photos - but waited until after our first anniversary.
If all goes according to plan, we should have the final album in our
hands in time for the holidays!!

For those of you gals out there already hitched, how long did it take you to finally choose your photos?

Posted on October 9, 2008 .