A Vintage Cameo Inspires an Entire Wedding

Inspired Goodness was recently invited to join Wishpot as a Wedding Expert - and ever since, we've been having a ball adding items we love to a growing set of wishlists.

A really simple way to keep your wishlists always just a button-click away is the Wishpot add-in for Firefox (our web-browser of choice). Every time you see something cool online that you want to add to your list, just click the button on your browser menu and "poof", it gets added right away!

Part of the fun of being a Wedding Expert at Wishpot, our team was asked to do a guest post -we choose to share how our staff would design a wedding around one object of special importance to the bride. We hope you enjoy reading it!


At Inspired Goodness, our job is to work with the information
couples provide to create a vision for their wedding day. The end
result is an event that reflects the happy couple via small touches and
creative details.

Sometimes, the couples we meet don’t have
much in the way of ideas but we stress that something as simple as a
family keepsake can really impart a stamp on the look and feel of their

In this case, we took inspiration from a cameo brooch
passed down from a bride’s grandmother. Check out our suggestions for
infusing details taken from this precious heirloom and create a
signature look of your very own.

  • Color Scheme: Lilac + Black keeps things both modern and elegant.

  • Décor: Commission an artist
    to draw a side profile of you and you’re groom. During the reception,
    use the art to mark your seats. Afterwards, consider them as a
    beautiful piece of art for your home.

  • Stationery: Scan the designs and have thank you notes printed with the design on front.

  • The Cake: Looking to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth? How about recreating a wedding cake similar to this one in your colors? Or maybe these cookies packaged inside a clear box with pretty labels are the perfect favor for your guests.

  • Flowers: To incorporate your heirloom, try having your florist affix it to the front of your bouquet with matching ribbon.

  • The Dress: Or simply wear it around your waist with some matching wide ribbon.

  • Gifts: You’re bridesmaids will love these custom designed necklaces (personalized with their very own profile. Contact the designer to commission a set that makes a unique gift for your closest family and friends.

Now it’s your turn to try. If you had to plan the look of your entire wedding around one item, what would it be and how would you pull it off?

Additional images: Flower cameo, Invitation by Ivory White, black and white invite by Carciofi Design.

Posted on October 30, 2008 .