The Cupcake Wedding

I can't believe its been nearly a month since my dear sister-in-law, aka Miss Mrs. Cupcake was married. If you are a devoted reader to Inspired Goodness, I'm sure you've been following along and seen some of the festivities, projects and excitement leading up to this wedding.

Overall, it was a WONDERFUL weekend - full of fun, happy times, family bonding and laughs. It was spectacular to be such an integral part of the festivities - I was a bridesmaid who loved her bridesmaid dress and wore a beautiful set of jewelry given to me by the bride.

Not growing up with a sister, there are things I feel that I missed out of at times. But being by Brooke's side, throughout the day while she prepared to marry Nick was one of the most singular best memories of my life. The room was full of laughs, bridesmaids coming to and fro to get hair, makeup, a sip of champagne or a bite of breakfast or what turned into lunch. The florist arrived with the flowers, I tended bar to make sure everyone had a full glass, I got to sneak into the bedroom with my camera and stealth manevours and took pix while Brooke got her veil just right. Seriously, it was so beautiful and special and most of all, exciting!

Over the weekend of fun, I took nearly 300 photos. Of course, I'd love to showcase them all, but here's a large roundup of what I'm sure will do the trick:

The Welcome Bags:

  1. Personalized water bottles and brunch invites

  2. Gocco'd totes - what a cute keepsake!

  3. Another view of the brunch invite, postcard to tell the bride/groom what fun you had at the wedding (ours is still blank - we're stalling because everything was so fun we can't narrow it down!) and the flickr account directions.

  4. Brooke + Nick setup a personal flickr account and gave all guests access to it to upload their photos! Brillant!!


The Bride's Details

  1. Earrings (from dad/step-mom), chic shoes and lovely hankies from Mamma Cupcake and Nana and flower brooch from Twigs + Honey

  2. Shoe decor by yours truly - one shoe had the wedding date, the other the couples first initials

  3. Vintage purse from Mamma Cupcake

  4. Details of the "I DIE" dress (Thanks to Rachel Zoe for the proper description.


Before the Ceremony

  1. Brooke pinning her dad with his corsage

  2. Nick and Brooke's mom's (don't they look so...happy!!)

  3. My fellow lovely bridesmaids in the van with some of the groomsmen.


A Family Affair:

  1. Siblings!!! Me and my husband (Brooke's brother) and the happy couple

  2. Me and my husband (aren't we so cute?!?)

  3. Brooke and her dad during the father/daughter dance

  4. My in-laws with the gorgeous bride as they walk her down the aisle. Happiness all around!! photo by The Weibner's.


Cocktail Area:

  1. Closeup of some photos of the happy couple - including some shots of them as kids, plus all the wedding portraits from both families.

  2. All the placec ards were actually keepsake notebooks. So pretty all lined up!

  3. Brooke custom designed the inserts for the rented photo booth. What a creative gal she is!!!


Reception Decor:

  1. The cake custom designed by the bride.

  2. How beautiful does the cut glass look on this mantle?

  3. Menus and teal napkins. Love those silhouettes!

  4. Cake (lemon!!!) served with ice cream and strawberries. Check out those cake flags!! Too cute

  5. Close up of the cut crystal candles at our table. How romantic!


The Mummer's Strut: One of the final songs of the night included the Mummer's strut. Our Aunt and cousins from New Orleans brought mini b+w umbrellas and all the guest ran around strutting them up and down. Totally one of my favorite parts of the entire reception. I was running in circles with my camera catching all the action! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Wondering what Mummer's are?  Click here to find out.

Be sure to stay tuned, there are more photos to come later in the week - including some from The Weibner's Brooke + Nick's photographers.

Posted on October 16, 2008 .