Style + Grace: ABCD Designs Bespoke

I just wanted to update everyone about my incredibly great weekend which included an early Friday evening with my husband to select our wedding photos with our photographer. Looks like its going to be quite the stunner and although we ended up going over our original allotment of 20 pages, we were both 100% happy with the outcome. Can't wait to post about the end result in a few months...

In other news, I took a quick hop into Soho earlier in the day to meet and speak with a new friend, Amy of ABCD Designs Bespoke.

Picture 1

It was so nice to meet another wedding industry entrepreneur and talk about the in's and out's of starting one's own business. Ever since the first day I've been blogging, I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of "hello's" and "welcome to the neighborhoods" from fellow women like myself. Its so reaffirming to know that I am not the only gal in my home office typing away during those long hours. but to know that there is really a network of people only too happy to spend some time and reach out with a friendly hello.


Not only is Amy an incredible stationery designer but she also has impeccable style! She graciously invited me into her lovely home and invited me for a look around her phenomenal apartment full of wonderful details (lots of beautiful yarn, vintage posters and sleek dark wood floors against the most perfect shade of white, not to mention the adorable green pressed glass snack trays we ate our sweet treats off of.


Here are a few more examples from my favorite aspects of Amy's work.


Fabulous thank you notes including this amazing monogram

perfect programs - with a sweet ribbon to top it off
The beginning of it all, Amy's own wedding invitation!
 DSCF2705A second view of a recent suite - two color foil stamped invitation


And lastly, I just love this color palette in this suite and check out the use of the layering on the envelope.

I encourage all of you check out not only her website but also her blog which is full of great inspiration, style and advice. Its so refreshing to get to know what a fun and happy person is on the other end of some of your favorite blogs, and after Friday, I can honestly say that Amy's blog capture's her sweet personality and impeccable style just perfectly.

Posted on October 15, 2008 .